Feature Friday = Arepas!

Eating out vegan and gluten free is one of my favorite posts to write about. I love when I find a great spot that meets both needs, has great ambiance, and of course is delicious. Next time you are going out suggest arepas. Image

This Friday I am featuring arepas at Caracas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Image   If you are familiar with arepas, you know the amazing goodness that these savory, flavorful little packages stuffed with varied vegetables just keep on giving with every bite. Coming from the word erepa, literally meaning corn bread, arepas come from Venezuela and Columbia.  They are made of corn flour, hence the gluten free component and can be stuffed with anything you like. I like going for Leek Jardinera, leeks, sun dried tomatoes, onions, hold the cheese, and add grilled tofu. The side sauce is the most delicious accompaniment made of mustard, a little spice and a lot of secret ingredients. When put together the bite is first crunchy, followed by savory cooked goodness and finished with the sweetness of the sauce. It is like no other sandwich type meal I have had. You hold it in your hands as you treasure each bite. Whatever your next restaurant visit is, it needs to be Caracas. Don’t live in Brooklyn?, don’t worry, they have sister places in Manhattan and Queens. And for those not in NYC… click here, based on some major cities in the country and around the world, I did some quick searches to find arepa near you: (If you don’t see what you are looking for, a quick Google search will help)

PS Always start with the guac;)

ImageHappy arepas eating!!

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  • Erica says:

    Their sauce is the best! My sister buys it from them by the bottle!! It adds the right amount of flavor to any dish 🙂

  • bethjreed says:

    Reblogged this on simplywithout and commented:

    Happy Day After Thanksgiving all! I am working on a post for Thanksgiving leftovers, but until then I am taking my cousins who are visiting from Pittsburg to NYC tonight and of course we will be heading to Brooklyn and when in Brooklyn go to Caracas! Caracas is such an amazing, low key, local joint with flavors you can smell down the street. The chandeliers are made from 1970 plastic colanders with plastic flowers covering the outside, with the light bulb shining from the inside they glow like light shining through crystal;)
    The arepas are delicious with so many to choose from you will have to nosh on some guacamole and plantains to help decide.
    Do you have a day after Thanksgiving tradition?

  • shrinkmuch says:

    Love that you featured arepas!! I was introduced to arepas by my hubby, who was born in Caracas. He said it almost makes him cry to pay so much for them here when growing up in Caracas, he was able to pick them up for a buck or two like I used to get hot dogs from a cart as a kid. If you find yourself in Astoria, he also gives a thumbs up to Arepas Cafe on 36th Ave as well as Patacon Pisao, which is on Grand Avenue near Rego Park. Geez….I want to go get some now 😉

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