Feature Friday! Yeah Dawg:)

     Happy Friday! This Friday I am featuring Yeah Dawg! An all vegan, gluten free pop up, hot dog cart. If you have not tried this already, you need to find them…like yesterday!


     It is so nice to meet a product that you know is completely vegan and gluten free with so many toppings. From traditional pickled cabbage, pickles and onions, to barbecue crushed potato chips that nicely balance out the textures. If the pickled veggies and crumbles aren’t enough, there is pineapple you can add too. And then to go on top of that, there is ketchup,  mustard, sriracha (of course it is this awesome!) and an amazingly, delicious, creamy, garlicky, white sauce. I like to eat near the cart so you can keep adding it on! The dawgs are served over a bun (not gluten free), or a kale caesar salad and they now have gluten free tortillas too. I could literally eat the kale caesar salad at every meal, it is that good.

If you can’t tell, I love this pop up cart, follow them on Twitter and find them on Facebook to find where they will be and as always, enjoy!

Oh Yeah Dawwwg;)

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