Feature Friday- Have your Cake and Eat it Too!!

Image    Vegan and gluten free treats, look no further!  In a quaint storefront on Bedford avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you’ll find the Bedford Baking Studio.  Your belly will start to rumble at first sight of the enticing display case of goodies. With an easy color coded key to follow, it’s simple to make the right choice.  Handmade signs of green leafs for gluten free and pink leafs for vegan, you’ll know exactly where to look. You’ll feel the love for mind, body and planet for sure!


The apple crumb cake is a must along with the brownie! I always buy one to eat on the way home and one for later to share! No one needs to know about the one eaten prior to leaving the store;) Another perk, they have a vegan and gluten free suggestion jar! Now that’s connecting to the customer!







PS the coffee is a perfect pick me up for any morning/afternoon!

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