Feature Friday- Sun in Bloom

Feature Friday- Sun in Bloom

We all know how happy I get when I find a vegan, gluten free gem where I can let loose and allow my eyes to pour over options as my taste buds dance in anticipation. This Feature Friday, I want to introduce….Sun in Bloom, an NYC based vegan, gluten free bakery!  I would like to bottle the feeling you get when you walk into such a bakery and can order….anything and everything!

I recently visited Sun in Bloom downtown NYC and felt like a true kid in a candy store. My eyes were drawn to the double cookies, vanilla stuffed goodness, so good that I bought two. But my imagination roamed wild with all the mouth watering, tempting baked goods and treats displayed. If I could shout one thing from the vegan, gluten free rooftop this weekend, it would be, Visit Sun in Bloom, weather in person or online.

As always…happy eating and enjoy! What makes you feel like a kid again?

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