Feature Friday= Body and Soul Bakery

body and soul

Farmer’s markets are not always just about vegetables, although I love wondering through the farm stands, hearing the stories of local farmers and eyeing up the freshly picked stars of the market, baked goods offer a sweet treat that bring a savory addition among the bright and vibrant veggies. *They have pretty good stories too*
Body and Soul, an all vegan and kosher with gluten free options bakery, featured at many New York City’s Grow NYC markets, is the perfect stall to grab a snack, sweet or pick something up for a friend.  The muffins, cookies and tarts highlight pear, chocolate and apple ingredients, to name a few, and are always satisfying.
Next time you are at a Grow NYC green market, look for Body and Soul, you won’t be disappointed.  Enjoy a muffin or cookie as you walk through the market and dream up recipes with all your local and in season fruit and vegetable gems that you purchase!

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