Farmer's Market Surprise Meets Challenge








Today started as a typical, summer Sunday morning with a trip to the farmer’s market.  I packed up my reusable bags with food scraps from the week of cooking and headed to my local market. I always start by dropping off my food scraps for compost, followed by a little pursue of the seasonal eats and end of course at the pickle stand.

My routine was interrupted today when I was intrigued with new ingredients and produce.  I was drawn to a table on the end of the market with a glowing purple glimmer that I later learned were Fairytale eggplants, then it was the carrots that were second to their green tops and these little white gems inside a translucent husk that I was told were ground cherries.

I bought them all, walked to the pickle stand and that’s when the recipe scheming started…..

I began dreaming of roasted eggplant, carrot top pesto and a ground cherry jam. The details are not worked out yet, but the thinking has begun.  I am now newly inspired to try new vegetables and challenge my cooking by what is locally grown, fresh and in season.

This made me think again… let’s all be inspired and try something new –> Buy that new vegetable, herb, or fruit, see what inspires you at the farmer’s market or vegetable stand and share what you are challenged to cook, make and eat!

These veggies have a new home and let the farmer’s market cooking challenge begin!










What are you inspired and challenged by!? Share and get cooking!

PS: Don’t forget your camera or phone next time you go to the farmer’s market!

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