Feature Friday- Farm Sanctuary

farm sactuary

This Feature Friday I am writing from an amazing place, Farm Sanctuary. (posting now when back in internet)

If you haven’t been or heard of it, it is a must visit. If your are not near update NY or California, then search for a farm sanctuary near you. How amazing to be surrounded by compassionate and caring people in a beautiful setting that offer recused factory farm animals a happy and free life. The scenery is breath taking, the animals are inquisitive and beautiful.  Hit the gift shop to deck you out so you can carry your message of kind living and cruelty free any where you go.  So this Feature Friday is not about a restaurant, more of those to come, but about choosing a compassionate lifestyle and practicing those choices. Eat, write, share, however you choose, but be yourself and be happy. If you ever get the opportunity, visit and stay at a farm sanctuary, you will find a happiness you didn’t know was there.

Read more about my experience here. What are you thankful for?!


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