Feature Friday- M.O.B Brooklyn

mob flagIt was recently my husband’s birthday and I was looking for a new, vegan place to try.  Being in New York City, we sure are spoiled for choices, but for this occasion I looked to the outer boroughs and Brooklyn is leading the vegan charge for great eats and atmosphere.

The best thing about vegan restaurants for me, is that you can choose from everything and don’t have to live in the sides section. They also tend to have a lot of gluten free options and are always accommodating and I find always super happy.  This was sure the case at M.O.B. Ok, that’s enough vegan mushiness, let’s get to it:

M.O.B in Brooklyn was a fabulous experience, the atmosphere is welcoming with long communal tables that make sitting with strangers enjoyable as well as large enough that you don’t feel the whole place is your date. There is also a super cute garden in the back, definitely a must try for us for the fall, it is just too hot right now in New York.  The dinner started with complimentary kale chips, talk about having me at hello! mob kale chips


The menu offers variety without unnecessary clutter which makes choosing slightly difficult, in a good way.

brooklyn bridge bread
Iron Man

My husband went with the Iron Man, flatbread (gluten free available) topped with a garlicky, white sauce, kale, shiitakes and parsley.

mob spring rolls
Crystal Roll

And I went with the crystal rolls, rice paper with raw veggie heaven and a peanut dipping sauce!

Warning, you will want to drink the sauce (and that’s OK)!

Up next, I had the gluten free burger with forbidden rice, pickled onions, served with a dill sauce.  Served on cabbage leaves, that also acted as a bun which gave a satisfying crunch and held the burger together well. My husband had the mac and cheese (not gluten free) and not pictured, must have been too busy eating!

MOB gf burger

For dessert we got a lemon cheesecake, (yes, vegan, gluten free cheesecake!) to go. As we made our way to the subway, we got caught in a mid summer thunderstorm, I held the cheesecake close as we darted the raindrops , the subway was a temporary relief until we could get home to eat cake!

Not in Brooklyn? There is a M.O.B in Paris! 

Have a recent great experience eating out? I would love to hear about it, happy eating;)


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