Meatless Monday- Enhance your Smoothie

blueberry parsley smoothie

     Happy Meatless Monday! Are you starting your day with a smoothie? Having an afternoon pick me up with some blended fruit and veggies? Take a break from the same flavors and add some extra pop with added spice and herbs! I normally start my smoothie with:

2 bananas
1 cup frozen mango
Handful of kale

It’s then I get creative with whatever I have in my fridge, spice rack or garden pots in a few easy tips.

1. Fridge: If you have any fresh fruit that is on the way out, give it a rinse and add it in. 
(Today I had some left over blueberries, a great added antioxidant) 
2. Spice: Always get in some spice for added flavor, kick and healthy benefits. 
    (I like turmeric as an anti inflammatory and cayenne to help speed up metabolism). 
3. Garden: Whatever is green and looking good in your garden pots, snip and add! 
(Today I had parsley).

parsley cut

Fill the blender with about 2 cups of water, blend as normal, serve and smile:)
I love watching the flavors, textures and nutrients dance in the blender as you know you are giving your body a healthy treat!

What do you like to add into your  smoothie for added flavor and health benefits?






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