Quiche is one of the first things I remember learning how to make. My mom taught me this simple recipe before I left for collage and the more I began cooking, the more I played around with new flavors and techniques. Now being vegan and gluten free, I have been determined to make a quiche that I can eat as well!

I was inspired this morning while making a tofu scramble. As I reached for the frozen kale, I saw a gluten free, vegan, frozen pie crust, wedged between my compost collection, (thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday when I can take it to the farmer’s market) and the kale.  Suddenly, I knew just the things to do with my left over tofu scramble.

Quiche for all! 

Take out your frozen pie crust and poke holes with a fork around the whole crust


Lay a bed of kale on the bottom to act as a bed for the tofu mixture


Scoop the scramble into the pie crust

tofu scrambleTop with nutritional yeast, tomato juice & sprinkle Daiya mozzarella style cheese all over the top

tomatoejuice topping           daiya

Bake for 35-40 minutes, cool and enjoy!
*The added kale made it a littler watery, but the extra vitamins and fiber was worth it!*

quicheserveI drizzled a mustard, Tamari dressing on top which can a nice depth and zing to the quiche.






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