The Farmer's Market Project


I’ve been inspired by all the fresh summer produce to give back to the farmer’s who work so hard to give us fresh fruit and veggies that I wanted them to know how their hard work turns into great creations in my kitchen and this project was born.  For a few weeks I have been thinking about making recipe cards to give to the farmers and vegetable stand workers to showcase the stars of the market. This week, I finally did it. I have to admit at first I felt the man at the stand thought I was trying to promote something versus my intent of sharing a great recipe, but I walked away knowing my intention to share good food. I am so grateful for the hard work of the farms and local food movement that I wanted to give something back and today I did. I plan to continue this project this summer to various stands and farms, what better what to share great food than with easy recipes that were inspired by the food they grow. Heres to all the famers and farm workers out there, who make local food available to us all who seek it.










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