Feature Friday: An Unexpected Cafe

tea and juiceYesterday morning I was driving to work when a little green storefront caught my eye. Tea and Juice read the awning and I was sold. I pulled over and walked into the little cafe. What a cute gem of a find it was. Wooden tables were dotted around the front of the cafe, along with a display case that draws you in right off the sidewalk. My eyes are pretty well trained now to find vegan and gluten free items when out and about, but normally it takes a little longer for me to scan menus or little tags, however this time, the words vegan and gluten free were right in front of me. I wasn’t sure what it was yet, but vegan and gf? Yes, please!



agajellycounterThe woman behind the counter couldn’t have been nicer and informed me that it was an aga jelly with homemade granola. I had never heard of this, but always love trying new things and ordered one along with an iced coffee. (Added bonus it was organic!)


From what I have read now, it seems aga is similar, if not the same as agar and a great substitute for yogurt or parfaits for vegans, it also looked similar to a chai pudding. However you call it, it was delicious and hit the spot for a quick breakfast on the go.

If you find yourself in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, seek out My Kitchen in Brooklyn, everything was vegan and they had a lot of gluten free options. The woman said I had to come back and try the amazake (something else new to try!) smoothies and I will be back for sure.  It is the perfect little cafe and I love supporting local business as well. Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by an unexpected find or have a favorite local cafe near you?


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