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welcometovegasThis week I have been in Las Vegas!  Move over casinos, I’m all about the food. As you know, writing about eating out being vegan and gluten free is one of my favorite topics and the drive behind starting this blog. I love finding great places where you can stay true to your self, eat and feel well.  When I find this I like to share with all of you!

This Feature Friday, I am highlighting the Border Grill in Vegas. Mexican food tends to be pretty easy when eating out vegan and gluten free, if I don’t see something on the menu first I always ask for corn tacos with grilled veggies, hold the cheese and sour cream and I’ll have extra salsa and guacamole please!


This is what I expected at The Border Grill, but when we spoke with the waitress she said she would speak with the chef. When she returned she said the chef highly recommended this mushroom dish and he could make it vegan. (The menu already indicated what was gluten free!) My husband and I both went with that and wow, the chef was right!

vegas mushroom

This dish was two grilled portobello mushrooms , stacked on top of each other, laid on a bed of bok choy swimming in a roasted red pepper sauce. Pickled onions were tucked in between the mushrooms with a black bean spread. A large spoonful of guacamole topped the mushrooms which add a satisfying zing to any bite. The dish was incredibly delicious with it’s balance of hearty mushrooms, pickled onions, savory beans and fresh avocados. This is a dish I will be recreating when I get home for sure. Compliments to the chef at Border Grill, what a great way to end our Vegas trip with great vegan, gluten free food. Added perk, the leftovers made for a great breakfast.  What’s your favorite dish when traveling?

And now, off to LA to seek out some more great eats! Any suggestions?!


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