Feature Friday= Champs, Brooklyn


I didn’t know what to expect at Champs, in Brooklyn, but knew it was a must try. I have heard some buzz around it and wanted to try it out for myself. With a storm brewing over NYC this afternoon, I made a detour on my way home. Locals dotted the perimeter, sipping coffee and milkshakes and chatting to each other as I approached.  The once dreary mood outside floated away as I walked through the glass doors. Funky, loudish, music and friendly staff greeted me as my eyes darted from vegan stickers, day old pastries sold for a dollar and the 80s themed memorabilia. I sat at the counter and perused the diner style menu.
Everything is vegan and there were a lot of gluten free choices! I love pouring over a menu when I can actually choose instead of settling for a salad or delving into my whole a little without and a lot with spiel. I decided to go with the open face, spinach, avocado, tomato, cucumber, sprout sandwich on gluten free bread. I couldn’t decided between the pesto and the olive tapenade, so the waitress suggested I have one with each slice of bread, that and a side of curly fries because, well, it is Friday and I did go for a run today!

champssandwich    champs fries

One bite was better than the next. Creamy pesto, smooth avocado slices and fresh sprouts covering the gluten free toast like a blanket covering grass on a picnic. What says summer better than pesto and fresh tomatoes?! The olive tapenade was salty, smooth and moreish (from the British slang, for wanting more!)

I’ve found another vegan, gluten free gem and this little blogger couldn’t be happier!

Now, I could have sat there the rest of the afternoon, but I am rule follower and House Rules clearly state ‘no computers’…

champs houserules

…so off I went in search of wifi to write up this little, buzzing, delicious, friendly, did I say delicious, diner. It was sweet indeed.


1. If you are in Brooklyn, you need to go to Champs.
2. If you are not in Brooklyn, you need to go to Brooklyn and then follow as stated above!

Yum. Now that’s a happy Friday!

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