Feature Friday- Bliss Grand, Seaviche and Guacamole!


Happy Friday all! Whoa, what a great week! I am excited to be partnering with Nicole from The Fabulous Health and Wellness to do a guest blogger post for today’s feature.
See my piece below and hers to follow:

As summer comes to a close, I recently meet up with The Fabulous Health and Wellness as we lunched at Bliss Grand. Do I have to say how great it is to pour over a menu when it is all vegan?! The choices were endless and all sounded delicious.  We started with a carrot and ginger juice, so refreshing on a hot summer day and gave us the energy to choose what else! The added ginger zing flavor packs a solid punch.

carrot juice

Here is what we went with:

An order of guacamole to share because what better way to say goodbye to summer than with guac, salsa and corn chips. (Note to all my gluten free lovlies, always ask if the chips are corn, normally they are, but sometimes they use wheat, or half and half, yes, I have seen it!)

Next up the oyster mushroom seaviche, this vegan take on ceviche was delicious and the lime, oh, the lime was perfect! So fresh that summer days will stay with me all winter long. This will definitely be another dish I recreate at home! The lime juice soaked mushrooms were marinated with finely chopped cilantro, red onion and peppers. I also got a side of raw veggies for dipping in more salsa, guacamole and lime juice sauce!



raw veggies

Nicole had the Grand Bliss salad, which looked great and I’ll let her review.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.50.45 PM

Grand Bliss was a great cafe style, vegan eatery with tons of gluten free options and sides. Next time you are in Williamsburg, Brooklyn check it out and let us know what you order!

Happy eating!

             —————————————————————————————————————-Introducing guest blogger, Nicole from The Fabulous Health and Wellness:

One of the best things about moving to the Big Apple is experiencing all the vegan food the city has to offer.  When I came up with the idea to do this post, I met a fellow blogger who does Friday Features on her blog where she features her favorite vegan and gluten free eats throughout NYC.  I love connecting with fellow bloggers so we met up at a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn and talked about a joint post.  We talked all about our blogs, Instagram, connecting with followers, our vegan and gluten free meals and more.  We ate super healthy meals at Bliss on Grand St in Brooklyn then went to a vegan and GF bakery a few doors down from the restaurant.  We also stopped in Whisk, a vegan food bloggers heaven!  It had every cooking gadget you could ever want so I bought some dish towels, a wooden spoon and a totally awesome mason jar.

I will be featuring my restaurant picks in this post as well as Beth’s post from simplywithout.com , she has amazing recipes and amazing photos!  Beth eats a super healthy vegan and gluten free diet and loves sharing her healthy food recipes with others.  Follow her on IG at simply_without and check out her blog.

Bliss Grand-Brooklyn: as I mentioned earlier, Beth from Simplythat.com and I met here to chat about veganism and our blogs while enjoying a healthy meal.  We ordered the guacamole and corn chips, I had the Grand salad and Beth had a yummy mushroom dish.  We were so full that we didn’t order dessert afterwards but somehow we ended up in a bakery a few doors down to get a vegan and gluten free treat.  Beth is awesome and I can’t wait for you to read her post below.  Check out Beth’s blog 

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