Feature Friday- Jennifer's Way, Eat Bread Again!



It was last Sunday I visited Jennifer’s Way and I have spent almost a week writing this post in my head, but fear I still have not found the words to describe the comforting flavors, soft breads and freedom of eating without label scanning. The storefront is inviting with a warm glow pouring onto the streets of the lower east side of Manhattan.




The sweet and savory smells invite you in as your eyes dance around the endless options. Cakes, cookies, bagels and bread wait to be picked up and carried home. The chalk on the walls explain what everything is and makes you feel free to eat again, no label reading or questioning necessary!



When you are gluten free, bread is something that lingers in your dreams, stares at you on the holiday tables and gently winks when you walk by bakery windows. I have found pastas, oats and even cakes that do a great job being gluten free, but bread, oh bread!



Enter Jennifer’s Way artisan loafs! Not only are the loafs gluten free, they are vegan! Yippee! I first had the bread when my husband bought it for my birthday celebration with friends and ever since then I had to visit myself. The bread presents itself as a round loaf with a firm crust and soft inside. The smell will tempt you and warning: could lead to breaking off a piece on your way home! As I was paying, the bread dishes danced in my head, but mostly I wanted a slice, toasted with non dairy butter! While I was at Jennifer’s Way, I also grabbed some bagels, yes, gf bagels!, and a couple jam thumbprint couple for the road.

When I got home, I had the onion bagel as a sandwich with marinated tempeh and sautéed swiss chard from my local farmer’s market.


The next day I made a batch of sage butter, toasted the salt bagel and spread away. Now, I could get used to this!


If you are in the NYC area, stopping by Jennifer’s Way is a must and if not, fear not, you can order online! This bakery is a gem of a find and an answer to all gluten free calls out there! Thank you Jennifer’s Way for letting me eat bread again!

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  • Scott Goldman says:

    So glad you are back!!!! 🙂

    Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 13:52:16 +0000 To: sdgwv@hotmail.com

  • Looks delicious. I’ll be in NYC next week and definitely plan to visit! Thanks for the review.

  • bethjreed says:

    Thanks Ashley! I hope you have a great trip to NYC! I have a bunch of gluten free places to try under my Feature Fridays tab, organized by boroughs! And Jennifer’s Way is a must! So many great places. Enjoy;) Looking forward to your posts about it all!

  • Lou says:

    I’m a big guy who eats a lot at every meal period. Meats, sweets, everything that I shouldn’t. The other foot has to drop eventually. With that said, I am looking for some pointers on how NOT to eat like a starving bear in the woods, but still feel full and satisfied. Will you please help me??

  • bethjreed says:

    Lou, it’s all about the whole foods. The more unprocessed foods you eat, the better and fuller you will feel. I love to eat too and make it fun with sauces, dips and real food. Processed food will just make you feel worse in the long run. Check out some of my recipes and have fun. This is a great time of year to try in season eats. Good luck!

  • […] Rough chop day old bread, like from Jennifer’s Way Add bread to a mixing bowl Toss the bread with the olive oil, salt and thyme Bake for 12 minutes […]

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