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Rise and Shine on this happy Friday! TGIF for all! As we wind down from summer, I know, I have been saying this for a few posts, but it is officially time to let go, although in NYC it was recently close to 80 degrees! As the seasons change it is key to remember, that cold and flu season is around the corner and what better way to stay healthy than by drinking your vitamins, minerals and greens! Enter, Summers juice bar in Brooklyn!


A friend recently told me about a local juice bar and from the minute she said vegetable juice, I knew I had to visit. Summers is a newly opened, juice and coffee bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The vibrant colors invite you in off the street, the options are plentiful and your eyes will be engaged with chalk written menu boards and seasonal descriptions.

So many vegetables and fruits called my name as I entered the Williamsburg storefront.  Juice is a nutritional drink to start your day, pick you up half way through work or ease your mind afterwards. I’m normally a smoothie person for the mornings, but there is something about the clean feeling with juice, knowing you are getting all the nutrients and vitamins.  A good rule of thumb when ordering juice, choose an array of colors, red, orange, green and yellow is what I went with as I decided on a beet, carrot, kale and ginger juice. It was refreshing, clean and a vibrant drink which was a perfect post work pick me up and energizer! The filling juice curbed my post work o’clock snack attack and lead to a nice music session and work out.

Juice isn’t a treat I am regular to here at home, but when I was in California this summer I felt it was a must, the West Hollywood norm. And now, thanks to Summers, it looks like I will be bringing some more California love back here in New York and visiting Summers more often!

At Summers you will feel the veggie and fruit love. I will be back for sure.

Have a favorite juice bar near you? I want to hear about it!

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