Feature Friday- Thank you Communitea

Taken a few days ago, Communitea closes this Sunday 10/26!

This Friday I am featuring a local coffee shop that is closing in two days. Sounds silly to feature a place we can no longer frequent, but it is quiet the opposite, it’s about thanks and memories. If you have ever been to Communitea in Long Island City, New York, you know it is an inviting cafe that welcomes you off the street with friendly smiles, warm coffee, tea and friendly staff. The menu is written with care on the chalkboard with local artist drawings and designs. There are often vegan breakfast bars on the counter and any sandwich can be made vegetarian or vegan. Going gluten free? Leave off the bread and you are all set, the dressings are safe!  The chefs take care with their delicious creations, will talk with you about their ingredients and the homemade hummus is a must!

Communitea is nestled on the bustling Vernon Blvd in Long Island City with the Chrysler Building in the backdrop, as you enter you are welcomed with smiles and you will warm up or cool down with a lovely caffeinated beverage as you stay for a while or continue on you way.

I am sorry for the memories lost, conversations shared, food and coffees enjoyed. I do not know the details, but since the lease has not been renewed, it sounds like big business is pushing out local shops more and more and we are sure sad to say goodbye. Communitea has spent ten years in the neighborhood and it’s local vibe will be missed.

What you can do:
1. If you are in NYC head over to LIC and support Communitea before they close Sunday 10/26!
2. If you are not in NYC, come to New York and follow #1
3. If you can’t come to New York, support your local coffee shop and small businesses everywhere!

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