Miso Soup


Before I start my Sunday evening of cooking, I needed a little nosh that would hold me over until dinner. After seeing another great picture of David’s miso soup from 365 Days of Food, I just had to make it.  I didn’t have all the ingredients, so followed his lead, but used what I had. I love miso soup so much, but hardly order it out because it often has fish in the broth. I have such fond memories of miso soup as a child in lacquer bowls, sitting criss cross with my shoes off at our local Japanese restaurant. Now, here is my version:

4 cups of water
1 cup of mushroom broth, I had it left over, otherwise, just do all water
3 Tablespoons of white miso (be careful to read what’s in your miso, they are not all gluten free)
4 scallions
2 swiss chard leaves
1/4 red pepper
1 handful of bean sprouts

Bring the broth, water and miso to a boil, stirring to ensure all the miso gets dissolved.
Chop 2 scallions into small discs and add to the broth/water
Finely chop the remaining scallions and red pepper lengthwise, set aside
Rough chop the swiss chard leaves, set aside
When the liquid comes to a boil, add all the veggies, (save a few scallions to garnish)
Simmer for 5 minutesmiso boil

Spoon into a bowl, top with raw scallions and enjoy!

The swiss chard texture was soft, creamy and just like seaweed!
Now I just need some lacquer dishes and I will be all set.



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