Feature Friday= Babycakes, NYC

Oh baby it’s cold outside, and that makes me want coffee and donuts! Enter….Babycakes.  If you haven’t heard of it already, first check you are not living under a rock and then Google Babycakes. If you have heard of them, you know they are an amazing vegan, gluten free, soy free and kosher bakery. Their traditional flavors and old fashion donuts line the display case with handwritten descriptions on the front glass. Warm smiles behind the counter greet you with an old world vibe as fresh flavors await.

babycakes counter

The only problem you will have upon entering, is that there are so many delicious looking choices! Donuts, muffins, cookies or cupcakes? Chocolate, cinnamon, maple? I could just go on and on.  Just when you think you know what you want, you see the Madeleines on the counter! I haven’t been to Babycakes for a while and after seeing a recent feature of them on The Food Network I knew, I had to visit again.  Upon my most recent visit, I decided to go with a traditional cinnamon and sugar donut and one chocolate dipped donut.  That would be all, until… I got to the counter and ordered a pumpkin Madeleine and then a chocolate dipped one too!

babycakes donutes

 I think I deserve an award for riding the subway all the way home and not eating even one bite! But once I got home, these sweet treats were worth it. The hard shell chocolate coating gave a nice crunch to the soft, cake-like donut and the cinnamon and sugar was a trip down memory lane with comforting sweet, fall flavors.  I haven’t had the Madeleines yet, but I know there are more great flavors in store for me! Babycakes is a special place for sure as it transports you to a different world when you walk off the Soho streets and into their sweet wonderland.

A perfect addition to any holiday table or any day. Mmmmmm.

outside babycakes

Have a small business bakery near you that you love? I want to hear about it!;)

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