Meatfree Monday- Thanksgiving Edition

Meatfree Monday- Thanksgiving Edition

But what do you eat at Thanksgiving?

veg turkey

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you might hear the question, “what do you eat?” a lot. But when it comes to Thanksgiving, it seems the question becomes a hot topic and a meal without turkey seems unimaginable to some. “But really, what do you eat, if you don’t eat turkey?

My answer is always the same, “Everything else!” Thanksgiving is a great holiday to come together with friends and family, share in a day of cooking, laughing and football (in the background). It is my favorite day of the year and something my husband and I start to plan in early fall (sometimes late summer!) There are so many dishes that are so creamy, delicious and comforting and make for the best meal and left overs! Eating them isn’t the only fun part, I love planning the recipes, shopping for ingredients, cooking, serving and sharing with family.  So here is a sneak peek into what will be on my Thanksgiving table:

The Warm Up:
Stuffed Mushrooms– easily made vegan and gf.
Spread of Treeline Cheeses
Italian Antipasti of roasted red peppers, olives and grilled veggies

The Main Meal:
Nut Roast– When I first went vegetarian, my British Mother-in-Law made me a nut roast for Christmas and it was truly amazing, served with some mushroom gravy, it is packed with protein and a holiday treat for sure! When we are on this side of the pond, it is my husband’s job and a delicious one in that!
Mashed Potatoes
Kale Salad– minus the cheese and sprouts
Brussel Sprouts
Stuffing- This is still TBD, but I am thinking gf bread toasted with walnuts, chestnuts and cranberry something!


pumpkinpiePumpkin Pie
Apple Crisp- Recipe not posted, but consists of peeling and baking apples topped with a gluten free flour and non dairy crumb mixture.

And then, after the basics are planned, it seems I find more amazing gf, vegan recipes and a couple more sneak in:
One Green Planet- Vegan/GF Thanksgiving
ABC News- Vegan/GF Side Dishes

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and delicious Thanksgiving!
This is the best week of the year, a build up to the first holiday of the festive season.
A great few days of planning, food shopping and Thanksgiving prep:)

turkey thanksgivingGoing meatfree and want to do even more?!: Adopt a Turkey with Farm Sanctuary!

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