Tacos and an End of Season Green Salsa Surprise

green salsa w tacos

It may be below freezing here in NYC, but I had some end of season, green tomatoes from the last of a tomato plant, more about that in a minute, and decided to warm up my kitchen with a rustic, green tomato salsa to top my shiitake and onion tacos.

Last week, a student of mine brought in a mini harvest from her vegetable garden in Brooklyn. Turns out, she is a member of a local, community garden where she spends her weekends pulling weeds, watering and tending to her vegetables. Her bounty included, mini eggplants, peppers and the last of the cucumbers and tomatoes, mostly green. She shared her cucumbers with the class and we talk about how it tasted so fresh and different from the ones at the supermarket. Perfect accompaniment to our lesson on seasonal eating. There wasn’t enough time in the class to cook all the veggies, and the weekend was upon us, so I brought the baby peppers and tomatoes home with me and they have sat patiently on the counter. The thing about organic veggies, is you need to cook them right away, since no chemicals or preservatives are making them pretend to be something they are not and they are not told not to rot. After looking at me for the past couple days, I knew it was time to make green salsa and this recipe was born! It was a mish mosh of what I had in my fridge, but went something like this:

2 green tomatoes
2 baby peppers
Handful of baby tomatoes
Spoonful of garlic and ginger puree (recipe from my husband’s currys, but any chopped ginger and garlic would do)
Splash of pickle juice
Splash of apple cider vinegar
Franks Red Hot to taste
Salt to taste

Finely chop the tomatoes and peppers
Combine all other ingredients in a small metal bowl and whisk all flavors together
Serve over your favorite tacos or as a side salsa for dipping and enjoy!

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