Thanksgiving Leftovers- Weeknight Meals Made Easy

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After Thanksgiving I crave greens, smoothies, juices and raw, clean eats. The day after, I always start with a kale smoothie.  I don’t go totally raw because there are still so many leftovers, but I do try to get creative with them and pair dishes with raw sides when I can.

Here is last year’s leftover plan and now for this year’s:

Sunday: A BIG kale salad with my comforting miso soup, definitely need some raw greens after the weekend.
Monday: I plan to take the stuffing, sweet potatoes and nut roast and blend into leftover style burgers, served between a cabbage leaf for an extra crunch.
Tuesday: Grilled tempeh with the leftover roasted veggies and sauce made from blended brussel sprouts, every dish is getting a new life this week!
Wednesday: Butternut squash soup, follow my pumpkin soup recipe, just swap out the pumpkin for butternut squash or whatever veggies you have, and a salad made of greens from the farmer’s market, chard, kale, whatever I can get my hands on.
Thursday: What’s left? Stir fry anything that is still hanging around and serve with rice, potatoes, quinoa or steamed greens, whatever you have… this is the no shop week.
Friday: Take out…just kidding, well maybe… a week of leftovers is still hard work.

Enjoy and share your favorite Thanksgiving left-over creations!!

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