Meatfree Monday- Holiday Creations

Meatfree Monday- Holiday Creations
Marshmallow Santa with a raspberry and coconut hat and cacao nib eyes!

As the holidays approach I want to take this time to thank everyone for your support of my blog. Blogging for the last year and a half has been such a treat for me. I love the opportunity to share great recipes, places to eat and foods that make you feel well. I absolutely treasure the time I get get on my laptop, to curl up and write. Most often with my dog Hudson lying next to me. He is always so curious, as you will see in this post, as to what I am making, and a fan of the kitchen smells. So as our year ends, thank you everyone for the follow, visits and likes, I deeply appreciate that you take the time to read and visit my blog and I look forward to the year ahead, all the food, eateries and recipes 2015 will bring! Until my 2015 foodie journey begins, I wanted to share some holiday treats and a couple of fails as well, because food isn’t always perfect, but it can still taste good!  Happy reading!

The truth is, I love to cook, mess around in the kitchen and of course eat! But when it comes to presentation it is a challenge. I surround myself with beautiful Instagram accounts, blogs and food magazines and often think, I could do that. Sometimes it is a success and then at times, not so much.  Enter Forks and Beans. Cara is an amazing chef and artist. I am always in love with her work and get inspiration from her creations. So today, as embarrassed as I am, I am sharing my creations/fails. But don’t spend too much time on my pics and head on over to her site for amazing vegan, gluten free seasonal creations!  This New Year, I resolve to make my food look pretty too!!

The following santas were made as part of a creative project that didn’t turn out as well as I wanted to or what I imagined in my head, but I think it is important to celebrate fails as well;)

Red pepper stuffed with hummus with olive eyes on a bed of coconut flakes!
marshmellow santa
Vegan marshmallow and raspberry snowmen/santa? Made with Sweet and Sara marshmallows!

Ever tried something that didn’t work out as planned? Share here!

Happy holidays to everyone and cheers to good family, friends and food!

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