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The vegan, gluten free train is definitely chugging along as we head into 2015! My fab British sister-in-law, also gluten free, brought me to a gem of a find in North East England, enter Foffano’s!


We went for a lovely little lunch in between Christmas and New Year’s, totally delicious and shows more and more that restaurants are embracing the vegan, vegetarian and gluten free lifestyles. I was expecting a little cafe with one or two vegan options and what was to follow was an amazing meal in a friendly atmosphere and lengthly separate vegan and vegetarian menu with gluten free options indicated! I love when menus are color coded and labeled with v, vn and gf, it helps limit the questions to be asked and awkwardness of explaining the odd places eggs and wheat pop up.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 12.15.58 PM
Yeah for a labeled menu!

If your vegan and you eat out you know sometimes you have to clarify that yes, vegan means no eggs, milk, butter or stock and then if you are also gluten free, well you might as well be speaking a foreign language in some places. Like when you order a salad and make sure it is vegan and there is no gluten in the dressing and then it is served with croutons…..Well at Foffano’s they are all over it. There is no awkwardness and ordering vegan, gluten free was not only a breeze, but pleasant with the friendly waiter who knew his stuff and cracked some funny jokes!

First up, soup.


The vegan, gluten free tomato soup was served with bread and when I second guessed it, the waiter was lovely to check and then said the kitchen wouldn’t let that go by and of course it didn’t have eggs and was gluten free! Soup and bread? Yes, please!!

Next up, mushroom risotto and not with ordinary button mushrooms, but hen of the woods, lovely creamy ones! I’ve been brought up not to eat risotto out because my dad makes the best one, but on a chilly afternoon in North East England, it was calling my name.


We were full, but there was a vegan, gluten free polenta and pistachio cake so we had to have it and of course a coffee! Well done, England, well done!  This meal was definitely up there with the best vegan and gluten free food I have eaten out.


  faffanosdecorationsIf you find yourself in the North East of England, Foffano’s is a must. It caters to all diets, requests and the food is amazing. I recommend this charming, Italian style restaurant to anyone. If you’re not in the North East, well, time to book your flights and head to Foffano’s!

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