Feature Friday- Three Cheers for 3 Roots- Brooklyn Juice Bar


It’s back to work and vacation is officially over which means lots of raw salads and cold pressed juice for me! Is eating healthier on your New Year’s Resolution list? Over here in NYC I have written about a couple juice bars lately and this Friday I am visiting another small business juice place with the intent on getting some immunity boosters as well. It is cold and flu season and I am looking  for ginger anything for digestive and immune health.


On a snowy NYC afternoon, I skipped an extra cup of coffee and visited 3 Roots in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for some juice goodies. Tucked on a corner in a brick building nearish the waterfront, 3 Roots offers a fresh smelling, open floor plan storefront with an array of juices, immunity shots and smoothies to choose from.


There is also fridge filled with ready to go hummus, cashew dips and raw salads. The staff are friendly, welcoming and know their stuff. I asked for the best immunity shots for a teacher who sees over 450 students a week and was presented with a ginger one and a mushroom one. I took two of each, two green juices and was enticed with the raw seaweed salad in the fridge as well. Although I came in with juice on the brain I left with a few extra bonuses.

3rootsimmunity      3rootsjuice   3rootsseaweedsalad

I drank the ginger booster in a few sips on my way home, it sure was spicy, but I knew I needed the nutrients to help fights off germs that are everywhere this winter.  The green juice was called Too Legit and indeed it was, with the classic, crisp green taste and smooth finish, this is a green juice I could get used to. The nutrients in naturally pressed juice are key to body health and wellness and I encourage you all to run, don’t walk to your nearest juice bar especially if it is winter where you live.  If you are in Brooklyn, head over to Greenpoint to 3 Roots for a cool juice bar vibe and some extra nourishment! Happy Friday all.

Have a local juice bar you love? I want to hear from you.

Happy juicing;)

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