Feature Friday- Vedge, Philadelphia

Feature Friday- Vedge, Philadelphia

vedgebuildingMy husband and I recently went to Philadelphia on a mini road trip just to go to the restaurant Vedge. I have been dying to go ever since I read the review and feature in VegNews magazine, almost a year ago, but timing hasn’t been right, until now.

After scoring a reservation with Vedge for a Saturday night, I planned a whole foodie, vegan tour around our visit and we deliciously ate our way through Philadelphia. Move over cheese steaks and hoagies, this town has way more cruelty free, delicious eats with a backdrop of quant streets complimented with urban flare. I am starting my series of my favorite vegan restaurants in Philly with Vedge, because it is simply the best.

Living in New York City, I am spoiled for vegan restaurants, but Vedge was something on another level. It’s no wonder it was awarded best restaurant, not best vegan, but best restaurant period in Philadelphia. Possibly best in America?

Up the stairs in a corner building on Locust Street, Vedge creates a comfortable vibe like eating at a friend’s house matched with the sophisticated atmosphere of an upscale restaurant. The walls are dotted with canvas prints of vegetables, of course, and the staff are friendly and professional.


Vedge’s approach is small plates, which meant I wanted to order one of everything, but hey, I resisted and saved some new ones to try next visit! My husband and I ordered about 3-4 plates each at the waiter’s recommendation. They also made everything gluten free for me and added the gluten on the side for him;)

The Vedge Bar:

Portabella Carpaccio, thinly sliced portabella that melted in my mouth with fresh herbs to compliment the citrus zing. 


Smoked Carrots, now I am not normally a fan of cooked carrots, however after eating these, the first thing I made when I got home was a batch of roasted carrots, it’s all in the seasoning. The purple carrots were lying on a bed of white bean purée while the orange ones were placed across a spoonful of kimchi, talk about flavors made in heaven.


The Roasted Gold Beets with a dill cream sauce was next, both with soft, delicate flavors that literally did a happy dance in my mouth.


Hot Plates:

Spicy Grilled Tofu was next with a yuba crisp with more deliciousness of edamame and miso accompaniments.


Roasted Maitake Mushroom, I just can’t say enough about this dish and I struggle to put into the words the umami flavors presented in this dish, but can not,  so I will leave you with the picture.


From The Dirt List:

Spaghetti Squash, I have recently written off spaghetti squash amidst the zoodle craze, but watch out, they are back! The hearty red sauce complimented and balanced the delicate squash noodles that were just perfect.



Crisp and Creamy Sunchokes, the dished kept on coming and here my advice is just dip the chips into this creamy, yet light blend of sunchokes and prepare for dessert.


I had eaten like a queen and was very full, but I didn’t come to Vedge not to eat dessert.  My view after the above dishes was this:


I just had to have the Lemon Myer Cheesecake.  The cheesecake wasn’t on the gluten free list, so I asked what part of the cake was the gluten and was informed it was only the crust, so I did what any dignified gf person would do and scooped the top off.  Wondering what that is across from the cheesecake? Just some amazing orange ice cream topped with chocolate crumbs, I just can’t wait to go back to Philly!

vedge dessert


Make Vedge part of your next road trip, it is a must visit!


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