Feature Friday- Grindcore House- Philly


It was a late Sunday morning when I visited Grindcore House in Philadelphia. I picked it out to be the perfect end to a vegan food tour weekend and that it was. Approaching the all vegan coffee house, I was gitty with excitement as I imagined all the caffeinated beverages, sweet treats and goodies to come. I pictured the display case and began to drool at the vegan eats to come and smiled at what was in store for the gluten free options as well! The approach to the cafe was super cute, down to earth and gave a local vibe. I couldn’t wait to get inside. The sign outside welcomed you in off the streets with tea specials. grindcoretea

The inside was a cozy cafe with comforting smells and I was right, the most delicious looking display case. The donuts looked, well, let’s just say perfect!


My husband got a donut (it looked and smelled amazing, however not gluten free!) Even thought I can’t eat them, yeah for vegan donuts!


And then, I was surprised with not your typical gluten free option with a dry muffin or cookie, but wait for it, gluten free bagels! Dream come true! Talk about the perfect breakfast, gluten free bagel with avocado, tomatoes and perfectly seasoned seeds sprinkled on top. Bagels are from Sweet Note Bagels and let’s just say you need them in your life!

grindcorebagelI sat in the window, sipping on coffee, enjoying a bagel while watching the Sunday morning vegan Philly world go by.  Grindcore House is a must visit when in Philly.

Oh and yeah, I got a vegan, gluten free cake to go, because, well just because.

grindcorecakeHappy Friday, I hope your weekend is filled with all the loveliness that is Grindcore!

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