Feature Friday- Vromage- Artisan Nut Cheese, Los Angeles


The vegan world of cheese is changing thanks to the ever creative and inspiring Youssef Fakhouri. If you live in LA, you sure are lucky to have a new neighbor in town! Enter, Vromage. A non-dairy alternative to cheese. This West Hollywood storefront offers hard and soft nut based cheeses, sandwiches and pizzas.  On my recent visit out west, I made it to Vromage after hearing about this wonder in a VegNews article. I had butterflies in my stomach as I approached the store and walked with excitement out of the California sunshine and into what I now know as vegan cheese perfection.

Youssef, the man behind the cheese, welcomed us off the street with his warm smile.  It was then the sampling of many flavors began. From cheddars, to chèvre he has them all and the choices are endless.


I asked Youssef about how the cheese would travel on my flight back to New York the next day, but this proved irrelevant since I ate them all before leaving the west coast, even my non vegan friend was a fan! I honestly can not wait to get back to LA and I know my first stop will be a visit to Vromage!

Big thanks to Youssef, his vision, flavors, all he is does for us vegans, the animals & non-dairy fans!

Youssef and me!

In LA? –> Head over to Vromage? Not in LA? –> Go to LA!

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