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It was almost a month ago now that I was in LA, but I wanted to share one of my favorite meals.  As a New Yorker, I am always amazed at the restaurants in LA that are just off a main road or highway. Unlike in NY, in LA you seek out the eateries, you find them and they don’t find you. Los Angeles definitely has a different restaurant feeling than New York, but a vibe I am happy to explore. Enter, Suncafe.

In Studio City, Los Angles, Suncafe is an all plant based and organic restaurant that is a hidden gem with greenery, warmth and delicious flavors. Chef and owner Ron Russell and chef Roi Elam are extremely talented and my wish for this post is to bring you into the Californian sunshine, even if it is in less than 500 words.

From the moment we entered, I wanted to move in. The outside tables, couches and plants matched with the sun kissed air made for a perfect mid week lunch.


We started with the nachos, half corn chips and half jicama. Did someone say, loaded nachos? Yes, please! My non vegan friend was impressed with the flavors and overall dish.  The cashew cheese was creamy with a deep flavor that welcomed dipping.


Next up, stuffed mushrooms! I grew up on Italian stuffed mushrooms and a big fan pf making them for parties and gatherings, my next batch will be stuffed with a pesto sauce just like these. The micro greens on top balanced the earthy mushrooms with a refreshing zing. There are four to a plate and they sure didn’t last long.


My husband got the French Onion Soup, something I miss as a vegan (traditionally it is made with beef broth). This soup had all the hearty flavors of an onion soup topped with bread and melted cheese! You normally may not think soup and sunshine, but this is too good to pass up.

*Not gluten free

I opted for the Cesar Salad. Before going vegan, I loved Cesar salads, but I have never seen one veganized without the anchovies, dairy or cheese, until now of course! The crisp lettuce was crunchy, matched perfectly with a creamy dressing and seasoned well.


Suncafe is an amazing restaurant and now on my top eateries of all time. The way flavors are paired, textures designed and the menu made is creative and inspiring. The inside walls are decorated with enlarged farm animal pictures and really connects to the overall message and mission of the restaurant. I am already dying to go back. Might even need to plan a trip out west just to eat here again! Thank you Suncafe!


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