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Picking a restaurant for a group of friends with varied food preferences can be tricky to find somewhere that suits everyone.  As the one with the most restrictions when eating out I always feel slightly awkward or embarrassed having to ask a zillion questions and fear coming off picky or difficult when the reality is I love food. I choose to eat the way I do for many reasons and none of which can be explained lightly or in between ordering drinks and appetizers. When eating out with friends I normally go for cuisines like Mexican, Indian or Japanese which are easy to navigate as a vegan. Although I love all these types of food, pouring over menus before going out can not only be time consuming, but a process in itself and by the time you actually get to the restaurant I have memorized the menus and the fun of choosing is eliminated, until now.

Spring Natural Kitchen is a restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side that specializes in all natural, clean ingredients and homemade dishes. They have a vast menu that will appease all diets, allergies and food preferences. I went with three omnivores, one vegetarian, one vegan and me, the vegan and gluten freebie! The best part is that the menu is coded with a key, v for vegan and gf for gluten free, no questions need to be asked when ordering. AND, there is a whole separate vegan section as well!



I recently when to Spring Natural Kitchen with a group of friends and was in ordering heaven. There were so many vegan, gluten free choices. The atmosphere has a local vibe with a modern and clean decor. From fritters, to risottos, stir frys and curries the choices are endless. I wanted to order everything! I went with the Pumpkin Black Bean Cakes over a Greek Salad. The flavors were comforting and well balanced, from the earthy pumpkin to the spice of the cakes and fresh zesty dressing, yum indeed.


Let’s just say conversation during the meal somewhat slowed down as everyone enjoyed the food. I am already planning my next visit to eat my way through the menu.

Spring Natural Kitchen is a neighborhood gem and must visit!

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