Meatfree Monday- Garlicky Cheddar, Beer Dip


People often say, ” I could never give up cheese to be vegan”. The truth is, dairy not only isn’t the best for our health, but humans are the only creatures that drink milk beyond the baby years and the production is devastating to our environment. Today, there are so many great plant based products out there and today I am introducing the newest member in the vegan cheese club. Enter:  Field Roast Chao slices. Now you don’t have to give up that cheesy taste and you’re helping the planet.

My mom taught me this simple and delicious dip years ago and now I am veganizing it! Adapted from The Gourmet Cookbook Volume II, 1957.


1 package Chao cheddar slices
2 cloves of garlic
Splash of beer, lagers work best (and for me, I use gluten free!)

Mince the garlic and set aside in a medium mixing bowl
Grate the cheddar slices, for this I cut the slices in half and then half again to get a good grip to grate

Add the grated cheese to the mixing bowl and pour in the beer
Mash with the back of a fork until the mixture comes together in a spreadable consistency
Use as a dip, spread on a sandwich and don’t be ashamed to eat it by the spoonful as well;)

What’s your favorite recipe to veganize?

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