Feature Friday- Vegana Firenze! Shake Cafe and Juice Bar

Feature Friday- Vegana Firenze! Shake Cafe and Juice Bar


   I wasn’t worried about coming to Italy and being vegan because of all the fresh and local vegetable dishes, pasta and contorni, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the ease of literally being able to go anywhere and eat! Not like in the U.S, where your best bet is salad and a side of fries, here the simply prepared, but ever delicious dishes are easy to spot on the menu and the chefs are happy to add extra vegetables to any meal, did someone say more porcini mushrooms and asparagus?! There will be more to come on the details of these sides, the meals and the beautiful surroundings on this trip, but today I am sharing a cute find with vegan and vegetarian wraps, salads and juice!

Enter Shake Cafe and Juice Bar. Although it has been easy (and a pleasure) to eat anywhere in Italy, I am always excited to see the words vegan in bright lights!



Plus saying, insalata vegana, per favore, is just fun to say!


If you are in Florence, Italy, I highly recommend stopping in at Shake Cafe!
Buon appetito;)



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