The Waiting Room, Eaglescliffe, North East England

The Waiting Room, Eaglescliffe, North East England


The Waiting Room is one of my favorite restaurants hands down! I learned about it a few years ago and every time I come back to England I plan a visit to enjoy their delicious, creative and inspiring dishes.

I  wrote a little post about them, which you can read here, but now you can read about my most recent visit with more details. 

     I started by reading over the menu, written on a large chalkboard in the front room, and by the first few words, the ingredients and flavors started to dance in my head.


The staff is so friendly and warm and was helpful pointing out what was vegan and gluten free!

Even wrote me up my own menu!


We started with the homemade hummus with gluten free crackers and carrots.

waitingroom hummus

Next up, two pates, one beet, (root) butterbean and dill and one mushroom (not vegan). The beet pate was simply delicious, I can’t wait to try and recreate it.


Next up I ordered the eggplant, lemon and chickpea dish, with warm flavors, a gentle spice and perfectly cooked rice and my husband had the spicy chili with deep, rustic flavors and lots of spice!



All the dishes were a huge hit and the family was pleased with all the food, service and presentations.  Every main dish is served with roasted sesame potatoes and a fresh, clean salad.

                             waitingroompotatoes  waitingroomsalad

                          waitingroombeermenu        waitingroomwinemenu

     All drinks are vegetarian/vegan with no sign of fish bladders! (Yeah!)

Each visit is better than the next and I already can’t wait to go back! From the comfortable and warm atmosphere to the friendly people and of course delicious food, it is worth a trip to England just for The Waiting Room.


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