Feature Friday- Tyne Chease, Newcastle, England

Feature Friday- Tyne Chease, Newcastle, England


When recently in England, sampling some of the delicious looking and artisan vegan cheese over at Tyne Chease was high on my to do list. Ami over at Tyne Chease couldn’t have been nicer in organizing some samples for me and paired with my lovely sister in law picking them up in Newcastle made or a fun girls night in with wine and cheese and the left overs led to a few recipes ideas topped and spread with the creamy goodness.

Wine and Cheese

We began the evening sampling the Za’atar Roule, which had a nice creamy balance with herbs throughout to ensure the perfect bite every time. Whether spread on crackers, paired with olives or eaten alone this cheese packed an herby punch.

The next cheese we sampled was the Ale and Mustard, *not gluten free, which was a harder cheese with a strong, in a good way, mustard flavor. This was a hit among the girls and was enjoyed best by itself. There are already talks of ordering this one for the Christmas cheese plate!

The Cheese Plate

tynecheese plate

The following evening I made up a sample platter for my mother and father in law and the rave reviews continued to roll in. Here, the favorites from last night were joined by the Garlic and Herb and Soft Macadamia flavors.

                        tynegarlicherb     tynemacadamia

The garlic variety had all the flavor you would want from a traditional garlic and herb cheese. I enjoyed this with crackers, but with each bite I got ideas to add it to some recipes in the future as well. The macadamia was a more crumbly cheese with a soft flavor, perfect for a more mild cheese lover. I also got recipe ideas for this gem.

Recipe Ideas
The Garlic and Herb was also later enjoyed crumbled over salads, a fresh tomato sauce with pasta and stuffed portobellos which added a nice richness to the dishes. I crumbled the macadamia over stuffed and roasted eggplants and it added a fresh pop of color on top of the purple and red with a subtle nutty flavor.


Roll on Christmas when I can order more favorites and try new ones too!
In England? Head over to Tyne Chease to get your flavors on!


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