Meatfree Monday- Hug Your Family and Eat Your Vegetables 

Meatfree Monday- Hug Your Family and Eat Your Vegetables 

I had planned a different recipe to share today, but had an experience last night that warmed my heart so much that I had to share.

My husband and I were invited to my godfather’s for dinner and his amazing wife researched and made a delicious vegan feast for us. I was so touched by each course of vegan delights that my Italian godmother prepared.  She went above and beyond to learn about vegan flavors and create a wonderful meal.  From the chickpea, parsley and lemon hummus, to the fennel and mint pasta, homemade veggie burgers with tahini sauce and grilled vegetables, I was in heaven.

So this Meatfree Monday, I am not sharing a recipe, but rather the love of good food, and family that know how to be amazing friends with nourishing flavors and conversation. Just when I was missing Italy, Italy was brought to me. The meal didn’t end there because I was sent home with a goodie bag of left overs, fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes, olives and lentils that will keep my heart singing.

Having a vegan for dinner can be eye opening and delicious! Grill some veggies, sauté some flavors and throw it over pasta! We love food and amazing food at that! I’ve never been so proud to be vegan and share in great food for our bodies and the planet! 

Grazie mille:)


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