Meatfree Monday- You Say Aubergine, I say Eggplant

Meatfree Monday- You Say Aubergine, I say Eggplant


August means eggplant season and one of my favorite times of year. When I think of eggplant dishes I tend to go to a caponata or ratatouille style with warm spices and comforting flavors, but this summer there are some new recipes in town with fresh flavors and easy cooking for the hot summer months, weeknights and busy lives.

Recently I saw a recipe in the British Veggie Magazine for stuffed eggplants and needed to veganize it! So here goes:

Stuffed Eggplants


2 medium sized eggplants
1/4 cup olive oil
1 cup homemade tomato sauce, or chopped fresh tomatoes
Handful fresh basil
Salt and pepper

Cut the eggplants in half, lengthwise
Score diagonally and then criss cross
Drizzle the oil evenly among the halves
Season with salt and pepper
bake for 30 minutes, less if smaller halves
Top with the tomato sauce and chopped fresh basil
Add dollops of vegan cheese for added color and zing!


Roasted Eggplant Dip

I had two halves extra so thought up a quick dip. I threw them in a food processor, skins and all, with a splash of olive oil, 1 clove of garlic, a shake of chili flakes, pinch of salt and pepper and voila, a creamy dip was born! Left overs at it’s best:)



I spotted these fairytale eggplant gems at the farmer’s market from Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm and thinking of a Thai curry with them this week;) The recipe ideas are endless.
What’s your favorite eggplant dish?


Have I mentioned I love summer ingredients?!

Speaking of summer love, missed my tomato post this week? Check it out here.
Happy cooking.

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