Feature Friday- Raaka Chocolate

Feature Friday- Raaka Chocolate


Happy Friday! I have to share the amazing chocolate company Raaka again because it is such a great company and so delicious. Raaka is a local Brooklyn small business in Red Hook with sustainable practices and creative flavors. Not only are all their varieties rich with deep chocolate flavors, but they are a company that gives back to the community by donating the cacao husks for local school gardens.
I recently had their Ghost Pepper chocolate, yes, you read that correctly, ghost pepper. It is everything you are thinking, spicy and unique with sharp flavors throughout.

I’ve also been to a chocolate making class there, which is super fun for a group of friends to get together, make chocolate and take home a goodie bag that will last as DIY gifts for friends and family for a long time.  Check them out and get your chocolate on.

Read my last post about Raaka here.

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