Feature Friday- The Purple Carrot

Feature Friday- The Purple Carrot


With life so on the go, busy work, family and personal ‘to dos’ every day, fresh, home cooked food can often be an after thought. Unless you are planned well ahead, stocked up on groceries, it is all too easy to order take out and call it a night. But this is where The Purple Carrot sweeps in as your meal delivery service/ fairy godmother and helps freshen up your home cooking.  The Purple Carrot is an all plant based, meal delivery service that brings fresh ingredients to your door to help you make easy, healthy and delicious meals in a flash.

I am a big home cook myself, but weeknights can be tough to get the meals you dreamt about making an actual reality on the table.
I was first introduced to The Purple Carrot by another plant based friend and needed to give it a try.

How it works:

You get an email Sunday with the meals for the week.
Enjoy your Sunday morning with a cup of coffee reading the choices and gazing at the pictures, for me here is where I start imagining the flavors dancing in my mouth.
Pick your two favorite meals, delivery date and sit back and get busy with your life as your magical, fresh, organic ingredients make there way to you.
I picked a Tuesday as my first delivery date to help break up my weeknight cooking and have plenty of left overs for the dreaded lunch making.

First up: Chickpea, Coconut Curry
coconutchickpeacurryNow, I have made curries before, but nothing compares to the flavors in this dish. Not only did the ginger, garlic and cilantro pop in the hearty, protein rich dish, it was super fun making it. Everything comes pre measured and ready for you to drop your work bag, kick off your heels, sneakers or other preferred shoes and get cooking. It was like having my own personal chef standing right next to me. If there was ever a time to have smell technology online it would be now.
What is better than onions, garlic and chili sautéing in olive oil?!

Before I knew it, the curry was ready. So fresh, creamy and each mouthful made me look forward to the next. There was even left overs, each meal serves four, so it brighten up my packed lunch the next day as well!
PS I highly recommend squeezing lime over your final dishes, what a welcomed, added zing!

The Second Meal: Agave Ginger Tofu and Veggie Stir Fry

tofuveggiestiry fry purplecarrot
Stir frys are basically my go to quick and easy meal and should be my middle name, but I am officially letting The Purple Carrot take the crown for this one. The sauce alone made this dish absolutely perfect. With a sweet and salty balance that made for a perfect combination, it was ideal.
(I even snuck a couple spoonfuls while cooking) Here, it is all about the sauce.
Again, the prep work was super easy and straight forward. It was like having a dinner guest over who almost cooked for you! For me chopping veggies is my happy place and The Purple Carrot brought me to my happy place all week.

Each box comes with a snack recipe, let’s just say chocolate and peanut butter goodness to come;)
Stay tuned for my dessert edition and next post about my next box of ingredients turned into meals!

My third box is on it’s way! So what are you waiting for? Head over to https://thepurplecarrot.com/ and sign up for your first box!

Already a Purple Carrot lover? Let me know what your favorite meals have been and share your favorite pictures!

Happy cooking!

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