Featuring- Miyoko’s Creamery

Featuring- Miyoko’s Creamery


I am so happy to feature Miyoko’s Creamy this week and add this inspiring company to my Cheese Board page. This vegan cheese is a game changer. Not only are there so many flavors, but not one is a like, from soft creamy, garlicky and herb varieties, to sharp flavors like Black Ash and Rustic Alpine, Miyoko’s is a must try and the good news, they are available to order online!
An amazing delivery of varied cheeses arrived at my door and it has been a fun and delicious week of eating and writing about these gems.


Classic Double Cream Chive: Just as it’s name states, this cheese is creamy with a soft onion flavor,  great on a cracker, dolloped on pasta, pizza or yes, by the spoonful!


Double Cream Sundried Tomato: This variety offers a soft finish with a balance of blistered tomatoes and offers a late summer note that lingers in the cream. This cheese is not too strong, but rather packs a gentle punch. Also eaten deliciously alone, but also great addition to a creamy recipe, such as a tofu scramble. I threw a couple tablespoons in with sautéed onions, veggies and tofu and it melted perfectly; added just the right balance my brunch dish needed.



Smoked Farmhouse: Smoky is not the word! Wow, what a deep flavor that takes you fireside on a cool evening. This cheese brings deep, campfire flavors with a strong finish. I recommend this on it’s own or with a savory cracker.


Rustic Alpine: Similar to the Smoked Farmhouse, this flavor has a smokey taste, but with a creamy balance and soft finish, perfect match with rice crackers and olives.



Black Ash: Just as the name states, this cheese is covered in black ash and offers a creamy texture with a tangy finish. Perfectly matched with the Rustic Alpine for a sample platter to share with friends.



If you don’t have your order placed already and need some more convincing…. Miyoko’s is a great company that also gives back.  Recently they donated a variety of cheeses for the Coalition for Healthy School Food Gala which works to bring healthy, planted based foods into school cafeterias. This month Miyoko’s is giving back 1% of sales to HEART which is a truly inspiring organization educating teachers,students and communities on the importance and urgency of humane education. So what are you waiting for?
Order yours today, for the good of your taste buds, health and give back at the same time!
Just in time for the build up to the holiday season.

PS This cheese is so good, I recommended leaving a
Do not eat note” in the fridge before going to bed!


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