At the Holidays, Tradition Wins

At the Holidays, Tradition Wins


Holidays are a time to be with family and friends and I for one love to try out new recipes, but at Thanksgiving traditional recipes win. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday hands down. As the summer months come to an end and warm breezes turn to cool winds, the pumpkin spice comes out of the pantry and my kitchen is filled with fall flavors. Of course none of these flavors and ingredients would be there without a trip to the store.  When planning and preparing for a holiday feast, there is only one place to go, Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.


Arthur Avenue is the real Little Italy of New York and I have been going there ever since I was a kid with my dad to get all the traditional Italian delights. The vegetable market is the heart of the street. Before you delve into crossing items off your shopping list, go to the back, have a coffee and soak up the atmosphere. Oh, you better brush up on your Italian too if you are interested in listening to the locals.

arthuraveartichokes arthuravebeets arthuravesprouts







Tis the season for roasting nuts and you have your pick to choose from!

arthuravebignutsarthuravenuts arthuravenuts2






And no antipasti is complete without olives.

arthuraveolives2 arthuraveolives






Now that all the stars of the day are shopped for, it is time to get cooking!

Have a tradition in your family for the holidays? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy shopping and eating;)

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