2015 Year in Review

2015 Year in Review


Blogging has brought me great joy in 2015.  Aside from the obvious happiness it brings me to write, create new recipes and share great food, it has pushed me to try new places, write more often and discipline myself.  Writing, cooking and capturing my life through food has brought great focus to my life. It has given me an escape into a world where I can develop my cooking, food photography, explore new ingredients and create a virtual place to bring delicious flavors, dishes and places to my readers in a busy and hectic world. I hope to bring you even more recipes, ideas and food related  posts in 2016. Until then here is a look back at my year of writing about food!

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Most viewed recipe:

Butternut Squash Zoodles with Cashew Cream Sauce


Top four most viewed features:

The Purple Carrot


Haymaker’s Corner Store


Union Square Holiday Market


Have a happy and healthy New Year and see you in 2016!

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