Featuring- Cheezehound

Featuring- Cheezehound


Two words, game changer. I often hear people say they couldn’t give up cheese to be vegan, but thankfully there are great people making amazing cheeses out there that bring deep flavors, inspirational stories and kind practice to the cheese making business.

Cheezehound is an organic, artisan vegan cheeze and pate company in the Catskills of New York.  The flavors are the best I have tasted to date.  I first tasted Cheezehound at the Vegan Shop Up in Bushwick, Brooklyn a couple years ago and I have stalked them ever since. Not only is this cheeze amazing, and delicious, Lori Robin the company founder is kind with a contagious smile.  I urge anyone in the NYC area this weekend to run, don’t walk to Vegan Holiday Shop Up to get your cheeze on!

I can’t make it this weekend, so get one or three for me!


I recently spotted the mutzarella at Haymakers Cornerstone and let’s just say caprese anyone? I drizzled olive oil over the fresh tomato and earthy basil with a gentle sprinkle of pink salt and balsamic vinegar and, wow, I was brought back to my childhood Italian holiday table.

Thank you Lori for making this amazing cheeze, I can’t wait to eat many more flavors.


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