Featuring- Holiday Traditions

Featuring- Holiday Traditions

     Traditions are not only something that brings people together, but make holidays what they are. For me, traditions are all about food and when there is food, there is pasta.  After all, I grew up in an Italian house and no matter what holiday it was, there was always a pasta course.

     At Christmas I have taken to making my own gnocchi and there is just something about rolling the pillow like, flour dusted, potato balls between my fingers that connects me to my Italian grandmother.  Even though I never met her, I feel close to her with fresh flour and a wooden rolling pin between my hands.  This is a tradition that has been passed down and I think she would have liked my gnocchi.


     This holiday tradition of mine was recently featured on the Foodstand website and now you can make this gnocchi your tradition too!.  Food stand is a great place to meet other food lovers and discover fresh and delicious ingredients. I am honored my tradition was featured with this inspiring company and now I want to hear about your holiday food traditions!

Comment below to share your ideas and have a happy and healthy holiday.

PS There is still time to make my chocolate chip cookies!


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