Featuring: Blossom Du Jour

Featuring: Blossom Du Jour


In my early vegan days, restaurants like Blossom showed me that being vegan wasn’t about sacrificing certain foods, but rather meant getting amazing ingredients that were not only delicious to eat, but did great things for your body as well! With more and more studies coming out about the health benefits of eating a plant based diet, it is a great time to get your veggies on.

Pictured below:
Beet burger on gluten free bread


Kale and Sweet Potato with a gluten free wrap


Not only does Blossom have three stellar restaurants in New York City, it now has five Blossom Du Jour locations which offer top ingredients, flavor pairings and dishes on the go!  There are no excuses here not to get great food when you are busy! Not only is the food amazing, it is all environmentally conscience and a portion of certain menu items to to support animal organizations and sanctuaries. Talk about a win, win!


Run, don’t walk to your nearest Blossom location!

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