Featuring: Riverdel Cheese Shop

Featuring: Riverdel Cheese Shop

riverdelfrontAs if the food scene in New York couldn’t get any better, we now have an all plant based cheese shop in Brooklyn. Whether you are vegan or not, we all know the health benefits of eating more plants, lower risk of heart disease, no bad cholesterol and all the good fats you want, so what are you waiting for? Enter Riverdel.


Riverdel is an all vegan cheese shop serving up artisan cheeses, yogurts, milks, chocolates and more. Located in Prospects Heights, Brooklyn Riverdel offers a laundry list of amazing vegan cheeses, plus all the accompaniments, mustards, sauces and crackers you could think of.  I went twice within 24 hours and was in cheese heaven from the moment I walked in the doors.



Whether you’re looking for snacks to enjoy at home, heading to a friends’ party or wanting to share at the office, Riverdel has you covered. You will see some of your favorite cheese brands there, but surprise, Riverdel makes their own in house as well. Not only is their cheese creamy, savory and delicious, it is everything you want in a cheese and especially moreish. Definitely include it in your shopping basket on your visit. As I like to say, run, don’t walk to Riverdel. I hope to meet you there:)



Happy shopping and eating!

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