Featuring- Superiority Burger

Featuring- Superiority Burger


What can you say about the best named burger in the world (GQ Magazine) that happens to be vegan, besides “I need to go there?!” Nothing but, yes please!

After I read three New York Times articles, countless online articles, and listened to one podcast on KCRW’s Good Food about this East Village eatery changing the way people think about burgers, I knew I might be late to the party, but had to get my hands on one, plus some sides.


Superiority Burger is housed in a tiny storefront on East 9th street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A, opens at 6pm- 10pm Wednesday- Monday and packs a lot more flavor than people can fit within their delicious, moreish, savory smelling and tasting flavored walls. I finally got to enjoy the best burger in the world. I asked for the vegan version (naturally vegetarian) along with the sweet and sour beets and seasonal chicory.


After ordering, I was excited albeit crowded, and dreamt of a summer evening pouring over the flavors of my order on a nearby Tompkins Square Park bench in the sunshine, but on this cold winter night, I was happy to hear you can bring your food to the nearby Hi-Fi Bar to eat anytime.

I recommend doing this and take in all the flavors with some added East Village atmosphere.


I started with the burger, I wanted to hold it forever and this was it.  I was about to taste the best burger in the world.  The first bite was everything you thought it would be, squishy bun, crunchy outside, soft middle and all the accompaniments of the standard soggy pickle and crisp lettuce leaf you would expect.

I was left with one question: what does the best taste like when you are told it is the best?

The sides:

The beets brought an earth flavor with creamy vegan cheese dollops, crunchy goodness and sweet flavors.

The chicory, a winter seasonal treat, was paired with tangy flavors and crispy textures that I would like to eat everyday.

The balanced textures, deep flavors, fresh ingredients and creative dishes at Superiority Burger will dance together to bring the best directly to your taste buds. Enjoy!


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Head on over and let me know what you think!



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