Featuring- The Health Warehouse

Featuring- The Health Warehouse


It is always exciting finding vegan places to eat, but when traveling it is especially high on my to do list! I love to see new places around the world offering plant based dishes. In a time when more and more people are choosing a compassionate life towards animals and are aware of the health benefits of eating more plants, it is a great time to enjoy all the fresh flavors, ingredients and dishes that vegan food can offer.

On a recent trip to the Northeast of England, my mother in law found a vegetarian/vegan cafe in a nearby city.
Enter, The Health Warehouse.


Tucked up along a winding, quant English side street, off the main drag in the Darlington city center, The Health Warehouse is much more than a health shop. Don’t let the vitamins and pharmacy looking storefront fool you, this place has a full stock of all health related items you would ever wish for, a fully stocked mini grocery, but the best part, a cafe with an extensive menu with something for everyone. I started my happy dance when I saw that the v indicates vegan on the menu.


Normally when you go to a restaurant, the *v next to select items indicates vegetarian and I have to engage in the awkward conversation of the “can I have this without the cheese, milk, butter etc?” and it proves complicated. Just the other day my husband and I were saying how much we love it when v stands for vegan and at The Health Warehouse, this is the case!


I started with the green juice, a refreshing and much needed clean drink with a fresh balance of greens and fruit. If you live in the area, you should start each day with one of these babies! Next up, the samosa with sweet potato chips (fries), a spicy rice salad, corn crisps (chips) and earthy salsa. Yum is not the word. The flavors of the homemade samosa were deep with spices and light with the outside pastry.  The rice salad brought a nutty tone and crunchy veggies that brought the brown rice to life. As for the sweet potatoes, they were soft on the inside with a slight crisp outside. The corn crisps and salsa were an added bonus. The food was so good, I hopped on the wifi to text my vegan husband and vegetarian brother in law to send them the menu for them to pick something too!



While I waited, I perused the aisles and picked up some eats for the rest of our stay in the UK.


Whether you are in the Northeast of England or not, I would add visiting The Health Warehouse to your to do list for 2016 and enjoy all the veg friendly goodies they have to offer. It is so great to see local shops dedicated to this movement, for our health, the planet and of course the animals.

Thank you Health Warehouse for the great lunch, I am already counting my days back to visit you! 


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