DIY Iced Coffee

DIY Iced Coffee


It’s officially iced coffee season and making your own has never been so easy. Not only will you reduce your plastic usage, you will save money too.
All you need is a little planning ahead and voilà, homemade iced coffee at your finger tips. The coffee ice cubes will ensure your coffee doesn’t get watered down and the flavor stays strong the whole cup through.

What you’ll need:
Ice cube tray
Coffee maker
Mug or coffee pot
Travel mug or for on the go or a glass for at home
Paper straw *optional

Home brewed coffee




iced coffee cubes







Brew a cup or a pot of coffee depending on how many you are making
Cool the coffee in a mug or in the pot
When cool, pour the coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight (or longer to have on hand)
Cool the remaining coffee in the fridge until cold
When ready to drink, add the coffee ice cubes (4-5 small, about 2 large) into a mason jar or glass and pour the cooled coffee on top
Add the straw, sip away and cool off


This is perfect for on the go or at home, a refreshing treat for anytime of day!


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