Food for thought…

Food for thought…


I’ve been on a break from blogging mostly due to traveling, but that really isn’t an excuse, I have found that I love writing about food so much that this passion of mine, at times, holds me back from writing in fear of not knowing what the reader wants or enjoys and I end up doing nothing. But as a new birthday comes and another year older is added to my age, I am no longer in the business of waiting or holding back and ready to share what and why I started this blog to begin with, the food.

I began this blog to share great food, recipes and ideas I see in my day to day life. This basket of goodies from Balsam Farms in Amagansett, Long Island is the perfect example of why I love to share good food, healthy ingredients and great pictures.


And this picaresque farm stand in East Hampton at Bhumi Farms


This fruit and vegetable shop in Glasgow, Scotland at Roots, Fruits and Flowers


I could go on and on and I will, but in the meantime, I bring this blog back to life to re connect with my values around food and why I write.

From the beginning, I wanted to share good food, recipes and ideas and while this summer has been packed of unexpected turns, travels and trips, it has also provided me with great opportunities to meet new people, eat great food and become re-inspired by something so true to my heart, food.

In the weeks to come you can look forward to posts from Pittsburgh, Boston, Westchester, England, Scotland, Cape Cod, Long Island and of course New York City.

In the meantime, I ask, what inspires you and what do you most want to share with others.

Perhaps it is a mason jar of fresh fruit to take to your happy place. Share in the comments below:)


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